Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Ahhh, the Olympics!

I grew up in a household where it was tradition to watch the opening ceremonies. I'm not sure what it is with tradition, but as a kid I really disliked it. I can remember thinking that tradition is something that my family does that requires my to be there, therefore something that takes away from my "me" time (this is the time where I get to do whatever I want to do). Thus watching the opening ceremony was something to be despised.

This is unfortunate because I still hold a little of that resentment in my heart these days. While I may not be so self-oriented, I still cringe at the idea of watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I recall it being really long with many many people walking into a big stadium and singing various national anthems (or other songs) and then a big fireworks and light show, then ... nothing. By that time two hours had passed and it was my bed time.

I enjoy watching some of the sports, but I just cannot get into the opening ceremonies. I still liken it to watching grass grow or paint dry. Now that I have gotten a little older I have come to realize how political the games are. Various countries boycott games (or the whole thing) and they try to gain face in the international community by being represented in the games. I dislike all of the political overtones, but in the end, it is one of the few places where nearly the whole world tries to work together peacefully. I applaud the spirit of the games and I hope that the good things that come out of the games bring the people of this world closer together. But as for me, I prefer to achieve world peace in other ways.

So God bless the Olympics, and may he bless all those who aren't into it.